App store optimization happens to be the process of optimizing mobile apps to achieve higher rankings in the app stores. In essence ASO (App store optimization) is a combination of more people to discover your app and turn visitors into installations and customers. Do you want to increase the number of downloads for your app from the app store? Then read these tips.

  1. App name – length and format

Save the app name clear and short. You can do this by adding short brand names with a few keywords that describe the app. Usually, these are linked by a comma or a dash. Beneath you can see some examples of a good app name.

Keywords in the title are very important; according to Tune, the use of the right keywords can result in a 10.3 percent increase in the ranking. Also when searching in the app stores, the app name is scanned for keywords. Remember that you only make use ofurl-approachable characters in the heading and avoid special characters in the app name, such as the trademark or the copyright symbol.

Apple limits the app name to a maximum of 30 characters in iOS 11. Make good and careful use of the available characters. Google Play limits the app name to a maximum of 50 characters. If you have both an iOS and a Google Play version of your app, use a consistent brand name. You can use the remaining space in Google Play to add keywords. Tip: make use oftwenty three characters or fewer for idealdemonstration on each and every device.

  1. App subtitle

In the meantime the iOS 11introduction, the app subtitle is accessible in the App Store. It appears below the app name and use to be limited within 30 characters. Enhancesome keywords into this field for communicating the value of the app to your target audience. More importantly, the keywords in the subtitle are also found in the search results. So make effective use of this field to include important and relevant keywords.

  1. App description

An average of 5 percent of users clicks the “Read more” button under the short description on Google Play. This is only 2 percent in the App Store. The short-description mightcomprise maximum 100 characters, thuseach and every character in the description use to count. Possible users will most likely speak the short-description.

Sort the description concrete and tell your users what makes the app unique. Focus especially on the values ​​of the app, instead of the purposes. Don’t forget including a call-to-action with the result that people will download the app.